12 Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

Finding the time to balance work, parenting, and keeping your living space clean can at times feel overwhelming. However, keeping your home hygienic and shiny doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Unlike the old days, more and more people tend to rely on professional maid services that deliver dependable results on a regular basis. Besides having a trusted house cleaner in Valparaiso to call on, there are a few tricks busy parents can incorporate into their routine to make their lives easier.

In today’s blog, we outline 12 cleaning hacks that will not only act as a time-saver and enable you to pinch a minute here and there but also raise your cleanliness bar and improve your overall hygiene. Delve deeper into our post and you’ll be one step closer to achieving the desired balance!

How do working parents keep their house clean?

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1. Double-duty baby wipes

Don’t use your baby wipes just for bottoms! They’re very efficient in wiping down surfaces, removing stains from clothes, and even cleaning toys. Always keep a pack close at hand and you’ll be ready for quick clean-ups.

2. Shower and play

The best way to interest your toddlers in housekeeping chores is to turn them into play. Hand your child a scrub brush while they’re in the bath and let them “help” clean the tiles. It’s a win-win: they’ll have fun, and your bathroom will get a light cleaning.

3. Sock it up

Lost one sock from the pair? Don’t throw it away, just slip it onto your hand instead and use it as a dusting mitt. It will prove a perfectly useful tool when you want to tackle blinds, bookshelves, and electronics.

4. Spot clean

Instead of setting aside an entire day for a full home cleaning, set aside 10 minutes every day to spot-clean the areas that catch your attention. A combination of a cleaning cloth, a spray bottle, and a mix of water and mild detergent is a perfect solution for touching up fresh stains around the house.

5. Basket system

Put one basket aside as a quick storage for all the things that are lying around. Do a quick sweep at the end of the day and toss any out-of-place items inside the basket. Then, take a moment during the week to put all the stuff back where it belongs.

6. Vinegar magic

A mix of equal parts water and white vinegar can act as a disinfectant, deodorizer, and cleaner. You can use it to spruce up countertops and sinks or as a DIY fabric softener substitute.

7. Microwave cleaning hack

Are your kids always leaving traces of food in the microwave? No worries, just place a bowl filled with water and a slice of lemon in your microwave and heat it for a few minutes. The steam will loosen up the grime and make it easier to wipe down.

8. Quick floor clean

If you don’t have a static sweeper or a wet mop, consider adding it to your cleaning arsenal. It will come in handy for a quick run around the high-traffic areas each evening and will keep your floors looking good without the need for a deep clean.

9. Baking soda freshness

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and let it sit for 15 minutes. It will act as a natural deodorizer and keep your carpets smelling fresh. Once baking soda does its magic, you can vacuum the carpet for optimal results.

10. DIY air fresheners

While we associate small kids with cute smiles and a whole lot of questions, they also mean smelly socks and sweaty shirts. Solve this problem by dipping cotton balls in essential oils and placing them in hidden areas around your home for a pleasing, natural, and lasting fragrance.

11. Delegate

Children as young as three can start helping with simple chores. Make cleaning a fun family affair. Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids and reward them with small token gifts for their efforts.

12. Stay organized

Invest in storage solutions. It will make your life much easier and help you teach your kids to put their toys in their proper place once they finish using them. When everything has a place, tidying up becomes a breeze.

How do working parents keep their house clean

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While these tips may help you notice a significant improvement in your everyday routine, there is no real substitute for calling on professionals. Turn to Brilliant Results Cleaning Service and we’ll introduce new ways to streamline your housekeeping and help you keep your living environment comfortable and healthy.

If you need advice on how to make a cleaning schedule you will stick to, how to keep your abode crisp and shiny with pets, or would just like to learn more about the importance of cleanliness for your mental well-being, we’ll gladly provide the answers to all these questions and more.

Whether your home is located near Porter County Memorial Hall or further infield, we’ll be there on time to take your residential sanitation into our experienced and capable hands. Get in touch with us today and you’ll have so much more time for yourself!

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