7 Golden Rules for Immaculate Home

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If you regularly book professional cleaning services in Portage, IN, you probably can’t help but wonder: what’s their secret? How do they make your home look so good? It doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything special, yet the results are consistently great, so how do they do it?

The answer can be boiled down to a single word: experience. Career cleaners clean dozens of homes every month, which enables them to become far more efficient than a layperson can be. The good news is, you can make your cleaning that much more effective by learning from them. Coming up are 7 time-tested cleaning hacks you can use to take your housekeeping efforts to the next level. Read on!

What are the golden rules of cleaning?

If you ask any experienced professional with a proven track record of making homes shine, they’ll tell you to follow these 7 rules: 

1. Dry clean first 

What are the golden rules of cleaning

A dry clean is any type of cleaning that doesn’t involve water, such as vacuuming and dusting. Do these before mopping, using your detergent, and other wet jobs. Otherwise, the water will spread dust, hair, and debris all over the place.

Follow this tip in all your rooms, especially the bathroom, and it’ll help you master the art of housework. You’ll be able to deep clean your home and keep it presentable more easily. 

2. Do the floor last

Tidying up your home from top to bottom eliminates the need to go over your floors twice. If you tackle the highest areas first (e.g., the windows and ceiling), any dust that falls from those surfaces will land on the floor. So, sweeping or vacuuming it before that would be a wasted effort.

3. Read instructions

If you use commercial cleaners, be sure to read the instructions. They contain the right amount and technique you should use with the product to make it more effective and avoid damaging your carpets or furniture. Also, most instructions will tell you not to spray various solutions directly onto your electronics. Instead, spray them onto a towel or microfiber cloth and wipe the gadgets down.

4. Use proper dusters

Using the right tools is essential when dusting. Your feather duster might sound like a logical solution, but it only moves dust from one area to the rest of the room. Switch to a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth to trap particles for good.

5. Rely on spot-testing

Spot-testing is a cleaning method that involves testing a substance on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t harm the material. Follow this rule when tackling sensitive surfaces to determine if they’re colorfast.

6. Don’t mix certain products

It’s fine to combine some cleaners, like baking soda and vinegar, but not all of them because they can produce dangerous reactions. For instance, ammonia-based products should never be mixed with bleach-based ones since the mixture creates a toxic gas that can lead to difficulty breathing and chest pain.

7. Clean before disinfecting

Cleaning before disinfecting is important because it removes dust and any other impurities that can make your products less effective. By eliminating debris, you enable your disinfectant to kill more germs.

Who provides first-class cleaning services in Portage, IN?

7 Golden Rules for Immaculate Home

These rules will make chores easier, but it can take you a lot to get the hang of them. Wouldn’t you rather embark on a boat ride at the Public Marina? If so, reach out to Brilliant Results Cleaning. 

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