8 Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips

There’s no doubt that pets bring tremendous joy and valuable companionship to our lives. However, having a pet (or more than one!) also comes with mess and cleaning challenges. Finding the delicate balance between a clean home and our pets’ safety might seem more complicated than it really is. We’ll explore some essential pet-friendly cleaning tips to help you maintain a clean and secure environment for yourself, your family, and your four-legged friends.

Alternatively, if keeping your home clean at all times require more work than you have time for, you can always count on expert housekeeping in Valpo. This way, you can get a premium service to keep your home spotless and your pets safe. You’ll also be able to spend more time with your pets while someone else takes care of the mess. It’s a win-win for you and your pets!

How to clean safely with pets?

By following these pet-friendly cleaning tips, you can keep your home tidy, hygienic, and safe for both your human and furry family members.

How to clean safely with pets

1. Choose non-toxic cleaning products

The choice of cleaning products is crucial when it comes to pet-friendly cleaning. Make sure to opt for non-toxic, pet-safe cleaning solutions. Many conventional cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can harm pets if ingested or absorbed through their paws. Natural, pet-friendly alternatives are safer and more effective in tackling stains and odors.

2. Keep pets away during cleaning

Moving your pets to a separate room or other secure area ensures their safety during cleaning sessions. Pets are curious and adventurous, so various products, tools, and wet surfaces can present a hazard. Once you’ve finished cleaning and the area is dry, you can return them to the clean space.

3. Vacuum regularly

Pet hair and dander accumulate quite quickly, particularly in homes with shedding pets. Vacuum regularly with a pet-specific vacuum cleaner to free your floors and upholstery from pet-related allergens.

4. Use pet-friendly stain removers

Naturally, accidents happen; and when they do, it’s critical to have pet-friendly stain removers on hand. These products are designed to effectively remove stains and odors without harsh chemicals. Remember to read and follow the instructions on the label.

5. Wash pet bedding and toys

Your pet’s toys and bedding carry dirt, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. Wash them regularly to maintain a hygienic environment for your pets and family.

6. Groom your pet

Reduce shedding and the spread of pet hair throughout your home by grooming your pet regularly. You can brush your pet outdoors to keep their coat healthy, shiny, and clean.

7. Address odors naturally

Instead of masking pet odors with artificial fragrances, use natural methods. Find the one that suits you and your pet best – you can try baking soda, activated charcoal, and natural air purifiers to keep the air in your home smelling fresh.

8. Seek professional help

Consider professional cleaning services if maintaining a clean and pet-friendly home feels challenging due to a busy schedule. Most housekeeping experts are trained to provide thorough cleaning that takes your pets into consideration, providing a safe and clean environment for everyone.

Where can I find efficient and reliable housekeeping in Valpo

Where can I find efficient and reliable housekeeping in Valpo?

Are you longing for a cleaner, pet-friendly home? Contact Brilliant Results and schedule an appointment that will consider your pets’ safety and comfort. A tidy home is essential for your and your family’s well-being, but life is busy and creating a realistic cleaning routine and sticking to it isn’t always possible. We’re also available to help you with cleaning advice for busy parents and offer regular maintenance if you’re having trouble keeping up with the amount of housekeeping tasks. 

Don’t get discouraged – most people can’t do everything themselves. Whether you live close to Valparaiso High School or anywhere in the area, call us today and enjoy a spotless home without the stress.

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