Spring Cleaning Motivation

How to get motivated to clean in the spring

Whenever you hire reliable house cleaning services in Hebron, IN, to clean your home in the spring, you can’t help but wonder: how do they always do such a great job? The answer is simple: they’re extremely motivated to make your home shine, and we’re about to help you find your own motivation, should you decide to take this responsibility on yourself. 

Read on to learn how to motivate yourself to do spring cleaning. We’ll give you time-tested tips that will help you breeze through all your chores!

How to get motivated to clean in the spring?

Spring cleaning is usually done in March or April, so it makes sense why you’d rather go outside than dust and mop all afternoon. There’s also a large number of chores involved, making it even harder to roll your sleeves. 

But by following these tips, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the incentive for spring cleaning:

Visualize the result 

On many levels, spring cleaning is just like any other type of cleaning. You hardly take any pleasure in doing it, but you know that it’ll pay off in the end, which is why you dig deep despite not wanting to. Keep this in mind ahead of your routine to stay motivated from start to finish. Work toward a clutter-, dust-free home, and you’ll cope with your chores more easily. 

Set realistic goals 

Unless your home is particularly small, it’ll likely take you a few days to do your spring cleaning. The larger your house, and the messier it is, the more likely you are to be overwhelmed if you try to tackle all the surfaces at once. Therefore, divide your chores across several days, working in 2-3-hour stages every day. This will make it easier to stay motivated. 

Recruit your partner 

If you live with a partner, spring cleaning is a perfect way for some bonding. Not only will you handle each area faster, but you’ll join forces toward a common goal, which is an impeccable house. When the task is finally over, the sense of accomplishment will be even greater, knowing you did it together.

How do you spring clean without getting overwhelmed?

Now that you know how to tap into your motivation, let’s see how you can further simplify and accelerate your chores: 

  • Get a checklist: Working randomly from one area to the next can quickly get to you. Before you know it, you won’t know where you started, and you constantly have to revisit a particular room. To avoid this, set up a checklist and tick off each task as you complete it. 
  • Use a timer: More often than not, you overestimate how long it’ll take you to clean a surface, so you end up spending hours doing just one chore. If so, use a stopwatch to limit the time spent in each area to 10-20 minutes, even if the tasks spill over into the next day. 
  • Clean with fun tools: Colorful buckets, happy-face sponges, and flower-printed gloves are just some of the fun tools you can use to add vibrancy to your cleaning. 

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How do you spring clean without getting overwhelmed

There are ways to stimulate yourself to do some spring cleaning, but let’s face it: you’d rather go for a walk at a local park or explore the majestic Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area. The only question is, who will take care of the work with you out of the house? None other than Brilliant Results Cleaning. 

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