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We use Brilliant Cleaning every time we come into town and we LOVE them. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It's nice to come back home and not worry about cleaning toilets/bathrooms for 2 hours. I would recommend them for sure!
Brilliant Results did a great job on the deep cleaning I requested, which helped me to prepare for summer visitors. They also were willing to customize a few things upon my request. I would recommend this service to others!
I am a long time customer of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service. Recently I have had the Deep Clean service and and am very pleased with the results. They are Brilliant as their name suggests.
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Professional cleaning services in Valparaiso

Give your home or office the sparkle it deserves

We know you have your choice when it comes to office and home cleaners. This is why we strive to be the best and to take care of the tedious task of tidying up your space with our professional cleaning services while you focus on your other tasks or simply take a much-needed breather. The Brilliant Results Team has cleaned thousands of homes and offices since 2011 to improve your quality of life.

We are located in Northwest Indiana, covering a wide area including Chesterton, Crown Point, Hebron, Portage, Valpo, and other nearby cities. We’re dedicated to keeping your space fresh and clean. We focus on rendering a thorough cleaning service fostered by our dedication to bringing freshness to our clients’ residences and workplaces. We firmly believe everyone deserves to work and live in a tidy and welcoming space.

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Professionally trained cleaners

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Award winning service

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Office & house cleaning service that fits your budget

A higher standard of cleaning at a price you can afford

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We offer professional cleaning services for your home or small office in Valpo completely customizable to meet your requirements and your budget. Our approach is designed to fit your lifestyle and exceed your expectations. From the first time our experts receive your call until the last stroke of the duster, our crew will meet your needs by asking questions and making sure they leave every nook and cranny spotless. Give us a call for a free quote.

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Don’t stress about cleaning anymore! Give us a call or request a quote and we will take care of the rest!


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We’re here to meet your needs.

Our cleaning services are tailored for you and your home

Whether you have cobwebs in the corners of your walls or your floors require mopping, we’re here to clean your home to perfection. Our specialists have ample experience performing completely customized house cleanings across Valpo and the rest of Northwest Indiana. Our team listens to your requirements, creates a personalized plan, and performs our service in line with your needs. We’re here to bring perfect cleanliness to your home.

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Small & medium office maintenance for a better look & feel

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Dirty windows, floors, and conference tables create a poor image for your company and can have a negative impact on your employees’ motivation and productivity. Even your customers or potential business partners might avoid your building because of the less-than-clean environment. With the help of our team, the staff of your small or medium office in Valparaiso 46383 & 46385 will get that motivation boost it needs. Whether you need your conference room cleaned or your trash can emptied, we’re here to help you maintain a polished image with our professional commercial space cleaning services.

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Standard house cleaning service refers to regular maintenance or upkeep, like vacuuming, dusting, or moping, while deep service involves a significantly more extensive and detailed service. 

Deep cleaning covers all the areas not usually covered by regular maintenance, It concentrates on all the neglected and hard-to-reach areas with a thorough wipe-down, usually using disinfection products.

Move in/out house cleaning in Valparaiso and the area consists of all the usual tasks necessary to remove the clutter and dust. However, this type of service also includes detailed wiping of all surfaces and taking care of all the areas which are available upon moving the furniture and preparing all the belongings for the relocation. It involves a detailed disinfection of all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, like showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, fixtures, and appliances.

Hiring professionals to perform a comprehensive house cleaning service on a regular basis is an excellent way to get rid of all the stubborn dirt and grime that was neglected for a long time, as it involves special products and equipment you may not have or know how to use. What’s more, you’ll have a clean home all the time without the need to lift a finger, making this type of service essential if you’re looking to maximize your free time and minimize your chores.

Professional commercial cleaners operating in Valparaiso 46383 & 46385 have a lot of experience and use time-tested approaches. They usually have time-saving tricks and high-quality tools that help them avoid going back to the same areas more than once. Specialists also use checklists to ensure they clean in a logical order, don’t miss anything, and complete all the tasks most efficiently.

What different people consider hard is quite individual, but there are some objectively time-consuming and demanding tasks when it comes to home maintenance. Most people consider the bathroom and the toilet the dirtiest and most difficult places to clean. This is due to the fact that they contain harmful microorganisms, so aside from usual wiping, it’s also necessary to disinfect these surfaces using adequate products that might be too harsh for some people causing skin reactions or respiratory problems. In such cases, it’s recommended to avoid risking your health and hire professionals with adequate protective equipment and a wide selection of cleaning products to accommodate the needs of customers with allergies or other health issues.

The secret to a clean house is pretty simple in theory but somewhat more unattainable in practice. It’s regular upkeep. This means always leaving things where they belong, cleaning a little every day, picking up after yourself, and immediately taking care of any spills or dirt.

What’s more, you shouldn’t leave the dishes dirty and you should fold your laundry immediately. Since most of us have busy lives that leave little time for this type of dedication to regular upkeep, hiring professional house cleaning services in Valpo, Valparaiso, and other areas of Northwest Indiana is the best way to keep your home clean all the time.

If you’re looking for cleaning services for your house or premises in Valparaiso or any of the other cities in Northwest Indiana, including Chesterton, Crownpoint, Hebron, Portage, and Valpo, we’re here for you.

Brilliant Results is committed to providing immaculate results while you make the most of your day. You can rest assured that your home or business space will be in safe hands and wait for you sparkling clean. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment.

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