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At Brilliant Results, we are all about giving homeowners in the communities we serve the best value for money. Families in Westville and across the surrounding area know they can rely on our experienced cleaners to provide a consistent quality of house cleaning service. We work hard to meet all their expectations. Our loyal customer base trusts us to deliver results effectively and efficiently, leaving them with a home that looks and feels fresh and healthy.

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Brilliant Results’ expert cleaners take a systematic approach to house cleaning in Westville, which means no area goes untreated. We use professional tools and supplies to achieve results that are up to the highest industry standards. So many of our clients choose our recurring house cleaning services because they know that we are consistent and they can rest safely assured that they will have a beautifully tidy and fresh home to return to.

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Each home is unique and requires special care and attention to detail. We provide a variety of services to cater to each customer’s specific needs and preferences. Many of our clients book recurring cleaning services for property maintenance, but occasionally, they may need comprehensive deep cleaning, efficient move-in/move-out cleaning services or specialized maid services for Airbnbs and vacation rentals delivered as-needed. We’re always there for our clients. Each service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as long as you call us within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

A monthly cleaning service is a type of recurring maid service. It is done on a regular basis but only once a month. Alternatively, you can opt for weekly or bi-weekly visits. Before they switch to this service and opt for their preferred housekeeping schedule, homeowners in Westville and elsewhere in the area usually book the more extensive deep cleaning service.

Also known as quarterly or spring cleaning, deep cleaning goes into meticulous detail and follows an especially extensive checklist. It is optimally done every 3 to 4 months. Depending on foot traffic and the quality and frequency of maintenance cleaning, it may be enough to deep clean the house only twice a year.

In terms of time and labor, it is much more demanding than a regular maid service. It deals with heavy buildups of dust, dirt, grime, and limescale in all areas of a house. But after it is done, the house is ready for its recurring cleaning, which is a maintenance routine performed periodically.

Move-in or move-out cleaning service is in huge demand in Westville and other communities in the area. Moving out of or into a house is an extremely stressful time and it is a time when old and new occupants need all the help they can get to ensure the home is visibly clean to the highest professional standards.

There is no strict order in which to clean your house, and no right or wrong answers. However, it is worth noting that professional cleaners will usually start with the messiest area of a home, which is often the bathroom. 

This area is usually pretty demanding due to limescale, grime, and germs. Then they proceed to clean the rest of the house, one room at a time. In the living room, they may tidy up first so they can proceed with dusting and wiping down before vacuuming. A house cleaning service usually finishes with the kitchen.

If household chores are not exactly your idea of a good time, we’ve got you covered. Brilliant Results offers a long and diverse portfolio of services, from deep cleaning to regular recurring cleaning in Westville and beyond.

Strapped for time and in an urgent need of one-time cleaning near Everel S. Smith House? Looking for regular vacation rental cleaning anywhere in Westville and the area? You can count on us, anywhere, anytime. 

Be it a weekly house cleaning service in Kouts, bi-weekly Hobart maid service, or just monthly cleaning in Wanatah, we deliver. Shoot us a call or fill out our form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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