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You have a beautiful home that you work so hard for. Yet you are always exhausted and you can only enjoy your home in your free time, which you seldom have. If that sounds remotely relatable, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and delegate house cleaning to someone else. Leave it to experienced professional cleaners from Brilliant Results to take care of your home. Whether you need an urgent one-time maid service, deep cleaning or move out cleaning, or a recurring house cleaning service in Dune Acres or elsewhere in the area, you can count on us!

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At Brilliant Results, we have so much to be proud of: a committed team, an excellent track record, and an ever-expanding customer base. So many homeowners trust us to deliver a consistently high standard of service that leaves their home looking beautiful and feeling fresh. Our experts are insured and bonded so you can rest assured they’ll do a quality job, whether you book a one-time appointment or a recurring weekly cleaning servicein Dune Acres or any of the nearby communities.

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To our clients in Dune Acres and other places in the area, we promise a house cleaning service that’s well-rounded, personalized, and highly efficient. Just like we value your preferences, we welcome your suggestions and feedback. If after your appointment, you happen to notice anything that you’re not happy with, please contact us within 24 hours and we’ll ensure that the matter has been resolved promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

While rental cleaning is an on-demand service that depends on the booking schedule, house cleaning is typically performed on a recurring schedule. This ensures that your home is hygienic, well-maintained, and wholesome. The optimal schedule depends on your home’s daily use and foot traffic, but the recommended frequency is once a week. If you do some housework in the meantime, you might find bi-weekly appointments to be adequate. If you prefer to do your own household chores but would like a helping hand from time to time, you can opt for a monthly maid service in Dune Acres. A weekly schedule also works for small office spaces.
A general or maintenance cleaning service is meant to keep your home germ-free and healthy. It covers all areas of your home without going into much detail. If your home in Dune Acres or the nearby area needs more detailed maintenance, typically in the kitchen and the bathroom, it might require deep cleaning before switching to a recurring schedule. The optimal schedule for general cleaning is once a week or once every other week.

Depending on the size of the property and how long it has been since the last time a house was thoroughly sanitized, deep cleaning could take hours. The reason behind that is that the routine often means some low-traffic areas of the house are skipped, overlooked, or neglected.

Deep cleaning takes a systematic room-by-room approach to house cleaning and does a comprehensive job with attention to detail throughout the property. Some areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom are especially high-maintenance even on the best of days, and if they have been neglected for some time, they can be very hard to clean. As a result, a professional would need roughly 3 hours to go over a 2-bedroom apartment with a single bathroom.

A move in or move out cleaning is a specialized deep cleaning service of vacated properties. The previous owners or occupants had already moved out and took all their belongings and furniture with them. The new ones are to move in. Although this makes the job somewhat easier, it can still be a time-consuming, challenging process to fully take care of the property in question.

Looking for a comprehensive maid service in Lakes of the Four Seasons, weekly cleaning services in Winfield, or efficient one-time cleaning in Porter? For homeowners in Dune Acres, IN, and other communities in the area, Brilliant Results is the number one choice because we are committed to meeting your needs and expectations. 

We have a diverse portfolio of customizable cleaning services. Whether you’re looking for deep cleaning or a recurring maid service for your property near Dune Acres Clubhouse, rental cleaning services or move out cleaning, we deliver. Reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered!


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