Make Your Guestroom Sparkling Clean With These 10 Tips

sparkling clean guestroom tips

Bust out the buttery popcorn, buy a crisp, new pack of cards… let’s have a slumber party! As adults, we’ve grown out of sleeping bags on the rock-hard ground. Guestrooms allow for a comfortable, relaxing, grownup slumber party. When you beautifully prepare the guestroom, it shows that you care about your friends and family’s comfort. It also coveys that you want to spend extra time with them when they visit.

When your guestroom doubles and storage or an office, it might not be ready right away. With a little thought, you can prepare the room before your guests arrive to ensure they have a comfortable visit.

How to get a sparkling clean guestroom

  1. Declutter: Your guestroom isn’t used every day, so it might be a catchall. Start tidying your guestroom by removing things that don’t belong. Clear off surfaces as much as possible to make the room a blank slate. Find another place for your workout items, office supplies, or boxes.
  2. Garbage: Empty the garbage bin and wipe it down. If you don’t have a garbage can in the guestroom, it is a good idea to place one in the room temporarily.
  3. Work from the top down: There is likely tons of cobwebs and dust in the unfrequented guestroom. It’s recommended to start from the top of the room. Focus on the corners of the ceiling and remove any cobwebs. Dust off the ceiling fan. Change any burnt-out bulbs.
  4. Strip the bed: Even if the bed hasn’t been slept on, nothing beats fresh, clean sheets.
  5. Dust & Sanitize: Using your favorite spray and a microfiber cloth, dust the nightstand, dresser, and blinds. Wipe down the walls and light switch cover, as well.
  6. Windex: Make sure to wipe down mirrors and windows with glass cleaner or Windex.
  7. Floors: Double check everything above the floor. When you are ready for the final step, take out the vacuum or broom. Depending on the kind of floor you have, mop after you are finished. Don’t forget to wipe down the baseboards!
  8. Bed: Remake the bed with the fresh sheets.
  9. Finishing touches: Ensure your guests will be comfortable by laying out clean towels, water bottles, and their favorite snacks. You might want to check the closets and drawers to clean out space for them to unpack.
  10. Get help: Deep cleaning your room could take hours. Spend your time planning the perfect visit and leave the cleaning to the experts. You can get your guestroom in shape as well as other rooms your guests will use without any effort when you call Brilliant Results Cleaning Services. Calling us saves you time and stress! Call us today to schedule your cleaning (219) 476-9355.

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