GRATUITY: How much should you tip a cleaning service? [2023]

how much to tip cleaning service

How much do you tip a cleaning service? Whether you have had a home cleaning service for quite some time, or you are brand new to the process, you have probably considered leaving gratuity for your team. As a cleaning company, we are asked almost daily “Do people usually tip? How much do they tip?”. We answer the same way each and every time.

Are tips expected?

As the old saying goes, “tips are never expected, but always appreciated”. While this is not true for the restaurant industry, this typically stands true for your cleaning service. Home cleaners are not paid as tipped employees, and do not rely on tips as their main income. Any tips given to home cleaners are bonuses.

Home cleaning technicians appreciate tips just as much as anyone would. Giving a gratuity to a service provider is a great way to show your appreciation that is never taken for granted. Around the holidays, this is even more true. Everyone loves giving gifts, and extra money around the holidays never goes to waste.

Make it about your cleaners.

If you are beyond thrilled with the overall experience of having a cleaning service, then by all means, have no regrets when tipping your cleaning staff. However, if you are not 100% happy with the overall experience, but you are happy with the job done by the cleaners, please know that tips go directly to our staff. Most cleaning companies, including us, do not take any portion of tips given to our technicians.

We consider tips to be bonuses earned by our staff for doing great work. We would never take that from them. If you tip your cleaning service, you are tipping your cleaners.

How much should you tip a cleaning service?

There is no set formula when it comes to leaving a tip for a cleaning service. Coming from a cleaning company, we have seen tips given to our staff from $5 to $100. When deciding gratuity, it is entirely up to you. You should decide what is a reasonable amount based on the quality of service you have received.

If you are still unsure and would like more guidance, we see an average somewhere between $10 – $20.

Other ways to show appreciation.

tip a cleaning service

There are a few ways to show appreciation to your home cleaners other than leaving them gratuity. Many home cleaning services utilize a survey rating system to track how they are performing. Complimenting your team and giving them a great rating is a sure way to put a smile on their faces. You could also write them a note thanking them or give them a card around the holidays!

I hope that this helps you decide how much to tip a cleaning service!

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