Cold & Flu Season: The scariest time of the year.

scariest time of year

It’s official.
Cold & flu season has arrived in Northwest Indiana.

Don’t lose your head just yet! We have compiled a list of what we (as a professional cleaning company) believe to be the best tips for keeping your family safe & healthy this year. I collaborated with our PHC Certified Cleaning Professionals, and together we came to the conclusion that the below list is, in our professional opinion, the most important tips when it comes to keeping your home & family healthy and germ free.

  • Clean high-touch-point surfaces frequently
    • Wipe door knobs/handles, appliance & fixture handles, and light switches daily
    • Use a microfiber cloth and a disinfecting multi-surface solution
  • Change and wash bedding often
    • Wash bed linens, pillowcases, and blankets as often as possible
    • Don’t forget to clean throw blankets and pillows on couches in common living space
  • Change your furnace filter
    • Installing a fresh, clean furnace filter will reduce dust and other airborne particles
    • Reducing dust & congestants in your home reduces the chance of touching a runny nose or rubbing watery eyes
  • Use hand sanitizer
    • DON’T make the mistake of many others and give out hand sanitizer to individuals in your home. They will get lost, forgotten in a vehicle, thrown out, etc. 
    • DO place pump bottles of hand sanitizer in areas of the home with high traffic, such as bathrooms, kitchen, on a coffee table, etc.
  • Consider professional home cleaning
    • If your schedule is busy (which it very likely is this time of year), consider hiring Brilliant Results Cleaning Service to take care of your home this cold & flu season. 
    • We offer recurring services to maintain the health of your home throughout the entire year
    • If you already utilize our service, consider upgrading one of your upcoming services to a Deluxe Cleaning as way to maximize the cleanliness of your home

What are some helpful cleaning tips/hacks that you know & love? Let us know!

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