How do you clean your house in the spring

Spring Cleaning Checklist

No matter how many times you clean your house in the spring, you always feel like you’re forgetting something. You go the extra mile to ...
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What is the best month to spring clean

The Ins & Outs of Spring Cleaning

With winter coming to a close and sunny days taking over, the time’s right to do some work around the house. Specifically, there’s no better ...
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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time

Cleaning is one of your least favorite activities. And for good reason: not only is it hard to take care of every surface in detail, ...
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3 Effective Homemade Cleaning Supplies

One of the secrets to taking great care of your house is to use reliable products. Professional maid services in Crown Point understand the importance ...
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Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home When You’re Tired

Whether you’ve just come home from work or finished an intense workout, the last thing you want to do is clean your place. But what ...
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5 Reasons to Keep Your Home Tidy

Cleaning is one of your least favorite activities. And we know where you’re coming from: why should you spend an entire afternoon scrubbing floors and ...
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