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Since 2011, Brilliant Results has been a trusted provider of commercial cleaning across Dune Acres and surrounding areas in Indiana. We understand that every space has its unique needs, which is why we customize our services to perfectly match the demands of your premises. Whether it’s routine office cleaning, or specialized school, gym, restaurant, retail, church, or property management and post-construction cleaning, we handle it all. Our commitment is to ensure the highest industry standards in your workspace, freeing you to focus on what matters most—your business goals.

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As top business cleaners in Dune Acres and the region, we’re committed to boosting your team’s productivity and leaving a lasting impression on your clients. Our experienced team understands the distinct needs of different industries, and we go beyond just tidying up—we customize our services to align seamlessly with your specific demands. Let’s discuss what works best for you, walk through your space together, and design a comprehensive plan that respects your budget and perfectly suits your facility.

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What makes our commercial cleanings the best in Dune Acres

At the heart of our mission as a seasoned commercial cleaning company is a simple yet vital goal: to be your first choice for all office and business cleaning needs. You can rely on us for:

  • Property management cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Restaurant cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Church cleaning

If your workplace doesn’t quite match the categories we’ve listed, no problem at all; we’re always ready to adapt our cleaning checklist to fit your unique needs.

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Our exceptional reputation and systematic approach mean you can confidently delegate your commercial cleaning in Dune Acres to us, knowing it’s perfectly managed. Our team includes only the most thoroughly trained, carefully vetted, and fully insured professionals. We ensure everyone passes comprehensive background and reference checks, so you know they’re up to the task. What’s more, we back every service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you total peace of mind with each visit.

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Full commitment to your safety

  • Vital Oxide® is fully approved by the EPA 
  • Safe for humans and animals alike
  • Reduces viruses and bacteria
  • Boasts low toxicity
  • Meets rigorous safety standards
  • maintains a safe pH level of 8.5
  • Designed to minimize allergens effectively
  • Non-corrosive and completely free of odors
  • Complies with OSHA, WHMIS, and GMS safety standards
  • Rapid application with minimal required dwell time
  • No protective gear is necessary

High-quality supplies for your convenience

Experience the power of electrostatic technology with our Victory Innovations® sprayers, designed to enhance our efficiency. Perfectly safe for people, plants, and animals, these advanced tools allow us to swiftly and meticulously tackle large-scale projects, from property management to post-construction cleaning in Dune Acres.

For instance, Vital Oxide® isn’t just a powerful disinfectant; it’s a game-changer when it comes to cleanliness. It effectively combats a wide range of pathogens, yet remains gentle on surfaces, ensuring a healthier environment for everyone.

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Helpful tips

What you should know about our disinfectants

While our disinfectants are incredibly safe, we recommend leaving the area for about 30 minutes after we finish to ensure optimal effectiveness. You may spot a few watermarks on surfaces, but they are completely harmless. Please keep in mind that the agents we use for commercial cleanings are not suitable for monitors, TV screens, darker fabrics, or untreated wood.

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Commercial & office cleaning company you can truly rely on​

We use Brilliant Cleaning every time we come into town and we LOVE them. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It's nice to come back home and not worry about cleaning toilets/bathrooms for 2 hours. I would recommend them for sure!
Brilliant Results did a great job on the deep cleaning I requested, which helped me to prepare for summer visitors. They also were willing to customize a few things upon my request. I would recommend this service to others!
I am a long time customer of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service. Recently I have had the Deep Clean service and and am very pleased with the results. They are Brilliant as their name suggests.
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Property management cleaning is the regular upkeep of residential or commercial properties to ensure they are in top condition for tenants or owners. This comprehensive service usually includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, removing trash, and keeping common areas tidy.

Our office cleaning in Dune Acres typically includes dusting all surfaces, wiping down desks and chairs, vacuuming and mopping floors, sanitizing high-touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches, washing windows and glass surfaces, emptying trash bins, and ensuring that restrooms are thoroughly sanitized and well-stocked.

The frequency for a retail store cleaning varies based on the amount of foot traffic, the store’s size, and the types of products sold. It’s generally recommended to clean daily, with particular attention to high-traffic areas such as entrances and checkout counters, which might require quick disinfecting multiple times throughout the day. If you’re in Dune Acres, feel free to reach out to our experts for a plan tailored to your specific needs.

We tailor our restaurant cleaning strategy for Dune Acres restaurants based on their size, type, location, and customer traffic. Whether your establishment is a bustling fast food spot or an elegant fine dining restaurant, this customized approach guarantees the right level of care to uphold tidiness and safety standards.

Brilliant Results is the leading authority in commercial cleanings in Valparaiso and beyond. We’re here to ensure your facility shines, whether it’s close to the Dune Acres Clubhouse or elsewhere in Westchester Township. Reach out to our professionals for top-rated business cleaning in Chesterton or thorough school cleaning in Crown Point. Don’t wait—connect with us today and see the difference meticulous care can make!


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